Pentaaz This is not a simple name. It has a very important meaning. Pentaaz means Penta + az. The word Penta is derived from Mathematics which means five and we know that all the things in this world are made up of five elements or if we say everything from a to z is made up of five elements.
Pentaaz is an effort to provide its customers with all items from a to z through the e-commerce website. So that Pentaaz can help all its customers to buy branded products at good and low prices. Pentaaz also tries to provide good service to the customers.
You can buy electrical products and home appliances at best or low price from pentaaz. Here is a lots of brand like syska, usha, bajaj, orient, crompton, havells etc.

Pentaaz is the only one platform in e-commerce where you get a better price from a local store on one product and no other competition.